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Getting older, but not gracefully...

Next week I will be in my late 60's.  So far, so good.  I still have the occasional moment,  looking into a mirror, when I wonder, "Who is that grey-haired person?"  Answer; "Silly Grandma, that's you."
Until I was near 60, if I gave thought to how old I looked, the mental image was a 14-year-old straight-haired teen.  She departed one day (thank goodness) to be replaced by a woman of middle age.  She's still here.  Another oddity is the fact that I don't see myself as obese.  At 200+ lbs, I surely fall into that category.  I know I am too heavy, but other than the fact it makes it more difficult to control my blood sugar,  it doesn't bother me. 
I sympathize with all of the people whose image of what they are is overshadowed by what they weigh.   The two have nothing in common, unless you allow it to matter.  I am interested in who you are; what are your dearly-held beliefs; what motivates you to go that second mile.  Above all others, what is your hope for eternity.
The late Duchess of Windsor, and her ilk, have left far too many of the planet's human occupants with a sorry mind-set.  That one can be neither too thin or too rich, is a pathetic way to exist.  To want to change for better health is admirable; to do so for a perfect image is unobtainable.
As for me, my Good Life will begin after I draw my last breath.  The remainder of this life will be occupied with sewing and distributing clothing to others.  I have more fabric that I can make and wear in the rest of my lifetime. (See Luke 12:20) I would have no honest answer to why did you not use this up?
Enough of rambling through my mind.  I wish all another good year,  eat to live, live to be useful. 
Cordially, nehmah66


Writer's Block: That's good eats

What was your favorite childhood meal? Do you still love it? Does it taste as good as you remember it?

My favorite meal was Grandma Carlson's fried chicken, mashed potatoes/gravy, home-made bread, and real butter.  If there was fresh corn on the cob, all was good.  It's still one of my favorites, although (like so many childhood memories) mine is just not as good as her's was.  nehmah

A Holiday request...

I have finished cleaning up after the sewfest for Halloween.  One granddaughter wanted to be Snow White, but only approved of the dress from a Brazilian site.  (It's on hiatus, due to medical problems) Fine, I downloaded the "Age 6, No instructions, plus, their size 6 has never met my DGD's size 6.  It was fine, in fact she won 1st place in the local costume parade (in her age group) I'm tickled pink for her.
The other wanted to be a "Proper Princess, Grandma.  No Disney girls."  Lass knows what she wants.
To anyone who reads this blog, I have a request. If you are at all proficient at sewing, knitting, etc. please consider making a warm garment this month and donating it for a child in need.  This is an easy way to reduce all of the yarns, fabrics, trims you know will never be used up.  Add your mite to increasing human decency.  A tee-shirt, plain slacks, or skirt could make so much difference to a child or teen.  Please think about making a male-oriented item.  Boys are so often overlooked and they need shirts and pull-on pants as much as girls.  thank you and pass along the request.  Cordially, Nehmah
Who would you appoint as Earth's ambassador to alien races, and why?

Before I made a selection, I would find out if the aliens were cordial or testy.  If cordial, I'd go.  If testy, I have this peevish neighbor....
Cordially, Nehmah

Not only am I slow, I'm scatty...

About 2 months ago, I ordered several pieces of very nice all-cotton twill for the Lord and Master.  He needed new Bermudas.  I sew; I had a disk from LEKO that printed out uniform trousers pattern in his size; I was set. Not exactly.
First step was making a muslin of the pattern.  That went very well.  Next was laying out all supplies.  Oh dear, no brass, locking 11 inch zippers.  A call to Zipperstop.com's Jeff Feibusch took care of that, along with a roll of HugSnug binding in OD  Then I cleaned out the machines, set up sewing machine, and a serger with threads, and new needles.  OOPS, off to order new needles from Marathon of Canada,  Two weeks and I have yet to cut out the twill.  Then I laid out the pattern on the muslin, only to find that some of the pattern pieces were labeled in Russian or Lithuanian, I still am not sure.  So, I called up the pattern layout to get straight, and (BTW) print out the instruction pages.  Um, for the first time in my sewing life, I found myself with absolutely no instructions.  In any language.  They did not exist.  For the past five weeks I fiddled while time flew by.  L&M still patiently waited for his  Bermudas. I finally figured out the front of the Bermudas, and got that bit done.  (The problem was an insidious slanted line which turned out to be the pocket .  I can only guess that the customer could have a choice of either straight on-seam pockets or slanted edge.  I went with slanted.)  Then the fun began.  Somewhere along the way, I mis-placed the back of the first pair of Bermudas.  (Now, the Lord and Master is a tolerant fellow, however, he is not an exhibitionist. The notion of shorts-shaped apron was not amusing to himself.) Just before I ordered replacement yardage in blue, what did I see under the muslin pattern pieces but the missing rears.  I've now got him covered.
It is November and two pair of Bermudas are currently being worn.  The things that can go wrong, did.  Happily, all were correctable.  I found that I did not know quite as much as I formerly thought I did.  Pride goeth and so on.  The total cost of the two pair figured out to $14.50.  The lessons in menswear, learned on the hop, are beyond price, as was the lesson in humility.  Nehmah
BTW, the next menswear project will be trousers.  I will make certain that I keep ALL parts on hangers in the closet between sessions.  They are a tropical-weight wool, and will be lined to the knee. N

Writer's block? Only if it's concrete...

This is my third shot at a journal.  I can talk the leg off of a pylon, but writing an intelligent article every week is beyond me.  So, I shall try for one a month. 
The one thing I will try to have is an up-dated list(s) of sites with free patterns for garments, dolls and doll clothes, soft toys.  Reference sites for dressmaking and tailoring will be listed.  It takes time to rummage through the information on the net; time is what many of us can't find.  I won't guarantee that any site will always be there or will always be a free site. 
So, for this month of July, 2010, my favorite site is:  m-sewing.com    To see what they offer, go to  "Free Demo Patterns" for a sampling of the patterns.
There are four pattern category pages, Women-the largest; men; girls; boys.   If there are patterns for a given pattern number, the sizes are usually, small, medium, large, X-large.  Not all garments have patterns; those that do may not have all four sizes.  They have/had (don't know if it is still available) a custom pattern option for $4.95 (US)  You can save these to your hard drive like the standard sizes.
The .pdfs are copyshop/plotter patterns, which, I think are called A-1.  These are one page and it is large.  In order to use these at home, your printing software has to offer "Tile Large Pages" under "Scaling Options."  It is a good idea to make a copy (I use "Print Screen") of the directions.  As these were originally sold to small garment-making businesses, they consider that minimal instruction is needed, and minimal is what you get.  I also keep a picture of a line drawing, which shows the garment. 
If you don't have a printing program that has the "tile..., I will list the free downloads I use to both view and open/print any .pdfs. next post.

A caution:  Even though these patterns are free, they are protected under Copyright laws, internationally.  You may not use these to tweak a style and pass it off as your own original creation.  Play fair.  (This notice will be on each offering to keep us clear on what is lawful)